KEYBIO - Microbiological Risk Management


A vocation for microbiology

Entirely dedicated to microbiology and managed by doctors specialized in that field, KEYBIO brings together an expert team with a well-established reputation and experience in all the sectors it covers:

  • A team of specialists includes doctors in microbiology, pharmacists, engineers, and technicians handles all the tasks related to analysis and management of microbiological risk.
  • Members of the staff are actively involved as experts in a number of high-level institutions and commissions that include:
    • AFNOR
      Microbiology of cosmetics.
      Antiseptics and disinfectants.
    • SFSTP
      Bacterial endotoxin assays.
    • COFRAC
      The Technical Accreditation Commission in KEYBIO sectors of activity.
  • Articles in international conferences and congresses and publications in scientific journals.
  • Teaching at the Marseille Faculty of Pharmacy in the field of microbiological risk management.