KEYBIO - Microbiological Risk Management


A combination of Skills

General Management
Regulatory and Quality Management

Christine LENS
Doctor in Microbiology.
French AFNOR expert at a European (CEN) and international (ISO) level in the Microbiology Commission on Cosmetics.
Moderator for the AFNOR working group on cosmetic microbiology.

Scientific Management
Research and Development

Jean-Jérôme LUCCHINI
Doctor in Cellular Biology and Microbiology.

Laboratory Management
Joëlle CORRE
Pharmacist – Doctor in Microbiology.
French AFNOR expert on a European level (CEN) in the Antiseptics and Disinfectants commission.

Customer Interface and Commercial Relations

Technical Test Management
Environment and Endotoxins sector: Sébastien VEDEL
Non-sterile and sterile products sector: Olivier LEMAIRE
Biocides sector: Fanny THERY

Test execution
A team of technicians with degrees in microbiology (French BTS, DUT, Licence degrees) supported by laboratory assistants.

Administration and Customer Relations
Six employees handle reception, administrative test management, and customer relations.