KEYBIO - Microbiological Risk Management



  • 1992

    • Creation of KEYBIO in Aubagne near Marseille by C. LENS and J.J. LUCCHINI, both doctors specialized in microbiology and researchers in the field of antimicrobial agents.
  • 1998

    • After the first addition to the facility and certification in “antiseptics and disinfectants”, KEYBIO becomes the first French laboratory approved for microbiological drug testing.
  • 1999

    • The laboratory receives COFRAC accreditation for medical device testing.
  • 2000

    • A second addition gives KEYBIO another 750 m² of space with 600 m² devoted to laboratory facilities. Customers come in from all over Europe, and the laboratory has a staff of eleven.
  • 2005

    • KEYBIO undertakes yet another addition to its facilities for a total of 800 m² of laboratories.
  • 2007

    • With the COFRAC accreditation, KEYBIO becomes the first French laboratory approved for microbiological testing and assessment of antimicrobial protection for cosmetics.
  • 2009

    • KEYBIO is approved by the FDA and inspected by the Japanese authorities (PMDA).

  • 2010

    • The team is strengthened by recruitment of a pharmacist.

  • 2011

    • After a fourth addition, KEYBIO facilities cover 1300 m², with 1000 m² of test laboratories that include 3 rooms with a managed air supply.  Our customers can now rely on a staff of thirty.
  • 2012

    • KEYBIO's 20th anniversary.