KEYBIO - Microbiological Risk Management

In a society confronted with both environmental and health risks, manufacturers must be able to guarantee the quality and safety of every product they launch on the market.

In addition to understanding their customers’ expectations, industry must also take full responsibility for meeting their ethical and regulatory obligations, committing to compliance with current regulations and anticipation of subsequent amendments and broader application as well as the productivity and competitiveness of their offer.

From its early days as a simple test to ensure product compliance prior to market launch, quality has since become a tool to assess whether product safety and compliance objectives have been achieved.
It has now become an integral part of the global approach to risk analysis and management in industry.

A highly reputable player in a field of the microbiology of healthcare products, a field that includes drugs and medical devices, cosmetics, and antimicrobial agents, KEYBIO deploys its expertise in all areas of a strategic function that fully reflects manufacturer commitment to quality.

This is why so many manufacturers now rely on KEYBIO to guarantee complete microbiological risk management at every stage of their development and production processes.



    • Approved as a laboratory performing R&D work eligible under the French research tax credit system.

    • A team and laboratories (1300 m² including 300 m² of clean rooms) entirely dedicated to microbiology.


    • A commitment to listening and advising our customers on the concept of safety and management testing.

    • Working methods and facilities in compliance with the highest standards (NF EN/ISO 17025 - BPF – GMP standards).