KEYBIO - Microbiological Risk Management
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Microbiology Quality Control

A commitment to reliability

Tests are carried out in compliance with currently enforced regulations such as Pharmacopoeia and AFNOR standards as well as methods developed and validated by the Laboratory in the following fields:

  • Non-sterile products:
    Bioburden testing for medical devices
    Microbiological testing of pharmaceutical products
    Microbiological testing of cosmetic products
    Microbiological titration of antibiotics.
  • Sterile products:
    Sterility testing
    Dose audits
    Bacterial endotoxin testing
    Performance qualification for microbiological method sterilizers.
  • Antimicrobial agents:
    Evaluation of bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, and mycobactericidal activity for antiseptics and disinfectants (basic standards and application standards)
    Preservative efficacy
    Evaluation of cosmetic formulation protection
    Qualification for industrial disinfectants.
  • Environment:
    Microbiological process water testing
    Microbiological air testing
    Microbiological surface testing
    Microbial identification (Biolog system / Vitek MS II system).